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About was created in December, 2010. Its purpose: to provide free community math tools for everyone, a community to discuss math, or random fun subjects, and provide an interface for anyone to ask math problems and get math help. (trust me, its not you. math is hard). As for the legal stuff: blah, blah, blah, don't steal code, its not nice, sue you, etc., blah. If you have any questions about the code I used to program my website, or the algorithms I used for my tools, drop a line in Feedback. I'm happy to explain and give you my code, as long as you ask. Want more tools? I'm open to suggestions! Use my forum or the feedback page to suggest a tool. Need math help? Go to Ask Dr. Calc. Find something wrong with some of my math tools? Give me feedback for any bugs you find and I will personally credit you on that page.

About me? Well, I'm 15 going on 16, my name's Luke, and I live in the Bay Area. I like coding, and math, and all those expensive math tools on the internet or the unreliable, slow free tools were kind of annoying, so I decided to make my own math tools for everyone to use, free of charge, and hopefully make life easier! Again, my site is all about you, and it grows based on you, so please send me a message or be active in the Forum. Thanks!